Up close and personal! That is the idea behind good portraits.

Chatching a glimpse of a facet of some ones personality is what make the diference between a truly great portrain and just a picture of someone


In order to do a good portrait one has to have a bond with the person you are taking a picture of. The person has to trust you and hase to feel comfortable with the camera.

The way I do this is to desencitize the persone by talking at the same time as I take many pictures. the first 20 pictures are usualy noth woth any thing but then a moment comes when the person ignores the camera and talks to me and looks at me. That is the magic moment.

In adition to the magic moment a good portrait requires excellent mastery of light. This is an aspect which I find more dificult to achive.

I have had though great results (I felt they were great) using natural light as well as flashes and studio flashes.

I am always looking for models for portraits so if you are interested feel free to get in touch.